Indian food

The days were short in December, but it wasn’t really winter. I mean, we went ice skating at Bryant Park, which felt all wintery and quintessentially New York. . . but we checked our coats before hitting the oddly water-logged rink, and we skated in short sleeves.

This week, though, the reality of winter-time really set in: it’s dark, and it’s bitterly cold. In our 4th floor apartment, we are assaulted by dry heat 24 hours a day, and Kishmish had the first nosebleed of the season.  (Two of them, actually.)  Ah, winter! Read More


The other day, Kishmish came whining into the kitchen as I was making dinner, and her chief complaint started with, “Mommmmmyyyyy, how come you never. . . .”   Are there actually any good endings to that sentence?  “Mommy, how come you never let us play video games?” “Mommy, how come you never let us have anyone over to play after dinner?” Or, the version that often comes from tired little ones around here: “Mommy, how come you never let us do anything we want to?!”  Oh, Lord.

Can you imagine, then, how happy I was to hear this?  “Mommy, how come you never make those yummy things with dal on the inside? You know those triangles, and we dip them in ketchup?”  Hooray! My work here, as they say, is done!  It’s fair to say that, right, when your kids start asking for real food? (Except for the ketchup part. . . . ) Read More

I have a problem with greens. I am drawn to them in the supermarket, in the farmers’ market, on Fresh Direct. I buy insane quantities of leafy greens, no matter the season, and then I leave them to wilt and make a silty mess all over the vegetable drawer. The cycle is complete when I empty yellowed greens from the fridge in order to make space, full of optimism, for the next round of hopeful kales and chards and turnip tops.

No more!  This tendency to over-buy vegetables then never cook them must be the worst kind of hoarding:  it’s terribly wasteful, it’s completely stupid, and it ends with a trash can full of rotting food.  The chard in this vegetable dish took all of 7 minutes to wash — and it was dirty, too!

I’m going to commit, this winter, to buying fewer vegetables and actually cooking, promptly, the ones that I do buy. Read More

We're definitely headed towards fall.  It's crisp and sunny today.  And we've had our share of dreary grey school-day mornings this week, mornings when Kishmish and Pista fought getting out of bed and came to the breakfast table bundled in blankets and refusing to open their eyes and admit that grey sky was actually the dawn. It's fall, and I need to start posting some soups and spicy curries and yummy baked things that warm up the house.  Pumpkin halwa, baked apples. . . . ok those are all coming. Read More