I’m as tired as anyone of people talking about how freaked out/cosmically grateful they are that it was 60 degrees this afternoon in New York City, and I don’t really want to contribute to that particular conversation, but, well, I can’t stop myself.

How in the world was it 60 degrees in New York today?

Yesterday, I stepped out for lunch and didn’t take my coat with me.  Today, I showed up to a meeting and was asked, “Can I take your coat?” And my reply was, “I didn’t wear one!”  I didn’t even have a coat!

This is not the place where I’m going to wonder about how little time the Adelie Penguins have left, or wish that it wasn’t so easy to see just how dramatic the Arctic sea ice downward trend is this year, or explain how I lie awake with worry about the High Elevation White Pines.  Should we be taking Kishmish and Pista to the Maldive Islands and to the glaciers of Alaska before both are impossible? Or should we be avoiding air travel completely? What is their world going to look like in 50 years — or even in 5 years?

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Earlier this week Ankur and I sat at the kitchen table watching Kishmish, long past her bedtime, eat the following: 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 sliced cucumber, 1 cup of yogurt, a few rice cakes, and apple. . .and I think there were some other things. It was after 10 pm, and I was nodding off towards the end of the feeding frenzy.

Later, after the very hungry caterpillar child settled into a food coma and finally gave us some peace, Ankur speculated that maybe, just maybe, she is going through some kind of insane growth spurt. Like maybe all of these stomach troubles and complaints of exhaustion are a result not of an infection or a weird allergy. . . but of insatiable hunger! A growth spurt! We decided it might be better to send more snacky, high-calorie things in the girls’ lunches, to encourage them to eat better and keep their energy up. Ankur suggested Snickers bars.  I started poking around online — graham crackers?  Lara bars? “Look,” my husband said, “Just keep in mind that it should be something they want to eat. . . not you.”

Ouch!  Am I really that bad?

Well. . . there’s this soup. The idea for this soup came from a request the girls had: they wanted to take soup for school lunch — tomato soup!  I got to work making something that was supposed to be more complex and interesting that tomato soup from a box/can. Something that would use real ingredients and that we’d make from scratch with less sugar and salf and more love than those old store-bought soups. Something that, ultimately, the girls didn’t like very much and didn’t really bother to eat at lunch time. Read More