winter squash

I’m as tired as anyone of people talking about how freaked out/cosmically grateful they are that it was 60 degrees this afternoon in New York City, and I don’t really want to contribute to that particular conversation, but, well, I can’t stop myself.

How in the world was it 60 degrees in New York today?

Yesterday, I stepped out for lunch and didn’t take my coat with me.  Today, I showed up to a meeting and was asked, “Can I take your coat?” And my reply was, “I didn’t wear one!”  I didn’t even have a coat!

This is not the place where I’m going to wonder about how little time the Adelie Penguins have left, or wish that it wasn’t so easy to see just how dramatic the Arctic sea ice downward trend is this year, or explain how I lie awake with worry about the High Elevation White Pines.  Should we be taking Kishmish and Pista to the Maldive Islands and to the glaciers of Alaska before both are impossible? Or should we be avoiding air travel completely? What is their world going to look like in 50 years — or even in 5 years?

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Lists of marriage advice just don’t go out of style, as this from Toure last month (I love that Toure is giving marriage advice!) proves.

I’m not going to jump into the marriage advice fray, but I’ll just recount two gems:

After getting married, Ankur’s father told me, “Never cook too little food.”  This was both advice and, I guess, a little of a warning.  Not a mean warning, but a warning like, “Seriously, it’s just silly not to cook enough food.”  And, of course, that’s not only true, it’s also exactly how I had learned to cook. Double the recipe! Make some extra, and freeze it! A lot of stuff tastes better the next day anyway! Read More

What in the world just happened?  The last time I posted, it was early fall,
and my impression was that there was a lot of time to cook fall recipes,
prepare for Diwali, write about all my adventures with Diwali sweets and treats,
and then slowly descend into the cold, dark, sleepy, New York City winter we
all know is coming.

Instead, the last 10 days passed in a blur of sparklers, sweets of every type, a few batches of pumpkin waffles. . . .and a snowstorm! Where did that come from!  We barely missed having a white Diwali?! We were hoping the snow would melt for Halloween?!

So, I was too busy fast-forwarding through a season I usually love to take note of all the early fall cooking I thought would figure prominently in this blog.  Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen.  Let’s go back and talk about delicata squashes, which may not even be available any more here in New York (particular post-Nor’Easter!).  Just take note for next year, I guess.

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